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Collaborative 1. Value-Based Insurance Design (VBID)

Evidence shows that VBID reduces barriers to essential preventive care.  Now there is new opportunity with changes in IRS regulations for employers to extend VBID to secondary preventive services such as those needed by a person with chronic conditions.  Furthermore, expert modeling show employers can remove financial barriers to preventive services in a cost-neutral manner by increasing financial barriers to unnecessary care.   Join a collaborative of employers and other purchasers along with a Subject Matter Expert who can help you create a plan for how to bring VBID to your population. 

Collaborative 2. Direct Contracting

Contracting directly with health care providers for services may be the best way to get high value care in a specific geographic market or for a specific set of services.  Finding bandwidth and learning the know-how can be challenging for any purchaser.  This collaborative will allow purchasers interested in pursuing direct contracting to learn from peers who have already done so and to have the support of CPR and other collaborative participants as you gear up to explore and/or embark on direct contracting for your population. 

Collaborative 3. Accountable Care Organization (ACO)

Two years ago, CPR released the nation’s first standard plan ACO report (SPARC).  Inspired by the nutrition label, this template report seeks information from health plans to populate a comprehensive and meaningful look at their contracted ACOs.  Learn how to use this tool, discuss reporting with your peers, and strategize on how to keep the pressure on your health plan to ensure its contracted ACOs perform well. 

Collaborative 4. Primary Care

The interest in primary care among employers and other health care purchasers is at an all-time high just as the supply of primary care providers is diminishing.  As a result, purchasers are seeking effective strategies for meeting the primary care needs of their populations.  Many solutions are available in the marketplace, from virtual primary care to onsite clinics to direct primary care to primary care-centric health plan products.  But the evidence behind different approaches is not equal and research suggests that a one-size-fits-all approach may not be the most cost-effective.  Join this collaborative to explore what constitutes evidence-based primary care delivery and get on a path to set a strategy for your organization.

Collaborative 5. Health Plan Renewals 

It’s health plan contract renewal season.  This year you can take advantage of the opportunity to ask health plans tough questions about what they’re doing to help you get better value for your health care spending.  Whether it’s provider payment reform programs, innovative benefit designs, or provider network designs, ask your health plan what they have/are offering.  CPR staff will orient you to their model renewal questionnaire and facilitate a peer-support group as you prepare to pose the questions and to discuss strategies after you receive responses. 

Overview of CPR’s Collaboratives

Description: A collaborative is a small group of purchasers getting together to tackle a health care purchasing challenge. Collaboratives are typically 6-12 months long. Participants have the opportunity to share their experiences and learnings with each other. Participants also benefit from the input of CPR staff and a subject matter expert.

Format:  CPR will facilitate monthly virtual meetings with the group. Depending on the direction of the work, one in-person meeting may also be held during the collaborative.

Output: CPR will lead the development of a suite of tools or resources to support collaborative participants.  Consistent with CPR’s mission, we will also create a general resource for our broader purchaser audience upon completion of the collaborative. Check out other collaborative outputs.

Participation Fee:  To cover some of the costs associated with this effort, CPR requires a participation fee.  There is a discounted rate for CPR members and other qualified purchasers.

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