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September 11 @ 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm Eastern

Virtual Summit: Why Inappropriate Care Matters to Employers and What They Can Do About It

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Over $750 billion…

Is wasted on unnecessary services in the U.S.  Inappropriate care not only includes overuse of services, but underuse, misuse, missed diagnoses and wrong diagnoses and all the resultant care associated with it.  Not only does this lead to added costs to those who pay for health care services, such as employers and health care purchasers, but it can directly harm patients.  Employers want better quality care for the sake of both their employees and their health care dollar.

Join the discussion with policy experts and leading purchasers as they debate the levers employers can use to address inappropriate care at both the system and individual levels. 


During this event, you will:

  • Hear directly from a policy expert on the scope of inappropriate care and how the current system can perpetuate it
  • Join a moderated dialogue between a policy expert and a large employer on the levers available to address inappropriate care
  • Hear from leading employers on the strategies and programs they are implementing to help the members of their population avoid inappropriate care
  • Be able to engage and interact directly with the panel and ask questions during the event

Keep the conversation going in real time during the event on social media with #employers4bettercare

Speakers include:


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