A new look, a new website, a renewed mission!

May 01, 2017

Catalyst for Payment Reform has launched its new website! As excited as we are for its new look and enhanced functionality, we’re more interested in how it will help us bring more value to you – our CPR audience.   

The investment in a new infrastructure reflects our continuing commitment to help you gain access to the tools you need to implement strategies that produce higher-value health care and improve the functioning of the health care marketplace.

Why now? 

As Federal and state officials continue to wrestle over how to reform the health care system, now is the time for health care purchasers in the commercial sector to step up and use their purchasing power to demand higher quality health care at a reasonable cost.

More than half of all insured Americans get their health care coverage at work.  So, organizations that provide coverage to significant numbers of Americans have the power to continue reforms to the health care system. Why do that? Because health care quality and costs are uneven, and it’s getting more expensive without getting better; neither companies and organizations that buy insurance or workers who rely on that coverage are getting great value.

We’re here to help.  CPR provides:

  • Education on how to become a high-value purchaser.  We are rolling out two online courses to support smart health care purchasing in firms big and small.
  • Tools & Support to act on behalf of your organization today.  This includes hands-on tools to help you implement new strategies and evaluate existing programs across a range of topics.
  • Coordination among your peers to amplify your impact.  In addition to CPR membership, we are rolling out new Collaboratives to help small groups of employers work together to tackle the biggest challenges.
  • Research & Analysis to push the market on your behalf.  We will continue to measure progress with our scorecards and report cards, conduct research on the big issues, and hold the system accountable on behalf of employers and other health care purchasers.

Tell us about your experience with our new site and offerings. And join us as we launch a new CPR, with the same passion and vigor to fight for higher quality and lower costs, and armed with new tools to help you succeed.

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