Payment Reform

Payment Reform

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Blazing a Trail in Bundled Payment: TennCare Reveals 2019 Program Results

Jessica Hill,¬†Director, Strategic Planning & Innovation at TennCare,¬†presents TennCare’s 2019 cost and quality results for the various episodes of care they have implemented over the past several years.


Intro to Payment Reform

The traditional method for paying doctors and hospitals–fee-for-service–creates incentives for them to provide care, and sometimes, more than their patients need. Payment reform, which ties providers’ payments to their performance on quality measures, attempts to mitigate the incentive to overprescribe care. Learn about this and why employers and other health care purchasers should care.

Understanding Payment Reform

If you know the basics of payment reform and why it’s important to change the way that providers are paid, learn more about the nuances of payment reform, such as why the context in which it is implemented is important and potential operational challenges.

Pairing Payment Reforms and Benefit Design

If you know the basics of payment reform and benefit design, you should start to think about how incentives on the provider side and the consumer side can work together to improve how care is delivered. Check out this Get Started Brief to start thinking about how to align these incentives.

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