Introducing the Vitals For Value Scorecard

A guide for employers from Mercer & Catalyst for Payment Reform

Employers Can Lead a Transformation 

Is your organization ready for the future of health care? Take the Vitals for Value Scorecard, created jointly with Mercer, to learn where you are today, what lies ahead, and how you can influence the future state of health care.

The Scorecard can serve as a quick and engaging tutorial on transformative health care strategies as well as an assessment and benchmarking tool. You’ll come away with specific, actionable opportunities to optimize your health care program.

If you need assistance completing the Scorecard, just contact us — we can help.

About the Vitals for Value Scorecard

The Scorecard is based on the premise that employers have the collective leverage to transform the US health care system. When enough employers demand more for their own employees, the whole system changes for the better. That’s why the Scorecard focuses on what employers can do differently, to address fundamental inefficiencies in the system.

Expect to see new ideas: Mercer and Catalyst for Payment Reform developed the Vitals for Value Scorecard to help employers understand how to use their power as a change agent in each of three vitals areas:

  • Personalizing benefit experiences
  • Paying for care based on quality and outcomes, not volume
  • Directing members to high-quality care using data, technology, and user insights

Why Take The Scorecard?

The scorecard only takes about 10 minutes to complete, but that small investment of time can yield important benefits:

  • Education: The Scorecard questions serve as an inventory of health program best practices to consider. Taking the Scorecard can help you envision a new future for your health program.
  • Benchmarking: You instantly receive your scores compared to national averages, helping identify opportunities to optimize your program. Take the Scorecard periodically to track progress over time.
  • Strategic planning: The Scorecard is intended to lead to action, from small steps any employer can take now to truly transformative change. Wherever you are now, we can help you use the Scorecard to chart a path to a more innovative, effective health program.
  • Collective action: Participation builds a national database to further the industry’s understanding of the steps employers can take to transform the US health care system for the better.

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