Virtual Summit: The Future Evolution of High Deductible Health Plans and Consumer Incentives in Benefit Design

This Virtual Summit will help employers, health care purchasers, and other stakeholders learn about how high deductible health plans (HDHPs) and other benefit design strategies might evolve and further encourage consumers to seek the “right” health care services. How will we produce the right balance of incentives to encourage consumers to get the care they need, but avoid potentially harmful or wasteful care?  Listen in as our panel of experts reviews trends, discusses implementation and results of benefit offerings, and engages in a dialogue focused on the consumer and payer experience with HDHPs and consumer incentives in benefit design.

This event was originally recorded on October 12, 2017.

Event Agenda

Welcome & Introduction
Ryan Olmstead, Catalyst for Payment Reform

The Key Trends and What’s Driving Them
Sander Domaszewicz from Mercer discusses trends related to HDHPs, HRAs and HSAs, V-BID and more.

Examples of Implementation and Results
Amy Dennard will talk about FedEx’s incorporation of V-BID into their HDHP with HRA and Tina Anastasiow covers First American’s implementation and results of their full replacement HDHP with HSA.

Diving Deeper on Potential Enhancements
Listen in as Mark Fendrick from the Center for Value-Based Insurance Design explores ways to bridge the gap between HDHPs and V-BID and how new laws can impact benefit design strategies, and Paul Fronstin from the Employee Benefit Research Institute tackles voluntary benefits.

Moderated Dialogue on HDHPs and V-BID
Robert Galvin from Equity Healthcare moderates a discussion between Lynn Quincy from the Altarum Healthcare Value Hub and Adam Cohen and Patty Cooper from Cigna on the consumer and payer experiences and opportunities for improvement.

Concluding Remarks
Ryan Olmstead, Catalyst for Payment Reform

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