Catalyst for Payment Reform is fortunate to receive support from several grant sponsors

Peterson Center on Healthcare

Since 2016, the Peterson Center on Healthcare has funded a multi-year initiative at CPR to help employers become more effective purchasers of healthcare to improve outcomes for the workforce and reduce the cost of care.  The project aims to help purchasers in an ongoing shift toward healthcare that pays hospitals, physicians, and others based on patient outcomes and experience instead of the volume of care they provide.

Through the Center grant, CPR will provide new employer resources designed for both large self-insured employers and smaller firms, who have opportunities to build regional partnerships and enhance their purchasing power.

These resources include Online Education, tools, events, and small-group collaboratives to help implement and evaluate value-based purchasing strategies that can lead to higher quality care at lower costs.

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Laura and John Arnold Foundation

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Laura and John Arnold Foundation are jointly supporting a 2-year, $880,000 project on CPR’s Scorecards on Payment Reform.  The project, known as Scorecard 2.0, continues to identify how much and what types and combinations of payment reforms are being implemented by the commercial and Medicaid sectors, and potentially also by Medicare Advantage plans.

The project goes further by identifying whether payment reform, as a whole, is having its intended large-scale effect on the quality, efficiency and cost of health care. Scorecard 2.0 will achieve this goal by adding key quality, efficiency and economic impact measures to the existing metrics, and by drawing from both health plan data and other sources.  The grant funding allows CPR to pilot the scorecard at the state level in up to three states and produce public results by August, 2018.

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