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CPR Membership & Becoming a Member

CPR Membership & Becoming a Member

CPR and its membership are committed to implementing strategies that produce higher value health care and improve the functioning of the health care marketplace.

Since 2010, CPR has had an outsized influence on the market by:

Pushing health plans to implement value-oriented payment

In 2010, 1-3% of health care dollars were tied to quality.  Today, we estimate 60%+ of health care dollars include a quality component.

Pushing for greater price and quality transparency

In 2012, our Statement was the catalyst for greater price and quality transparency.  Now, federal regulations are in place providing guideposts for implementation.

Fighting growing provider market power

CPR has written amicus briefs for the FTC against specific provider mergers, served as an expert witness for the U.S. Department of Justice, and was cited in the court’s judgment against Sutter Health’s request to delay finalizing a settlement in an antitrust case brought by the state of California and a class of employers for anticompetitive practices.

The bottom line

We’re a small, scrappy nonprofit holding the marketplace accountable on behalf of employer-purchasers and those who use health care.

CPR Membership Eligibility:

We invite the following organization types to CPR membership:

Premier Membership:

  • Private employers;
  • Public purchasers;
  • State-based health insurance marketplaces or exchanges;
  • Organizations buying comprehensive health care services on behalf of multiple employers (e.g., union-sponsored multi-employer health funds)
  • Benefits consulting firms.

Affiliate Membership:

  • Other health care-related organizations (subject to CPR Board approval)

CPR Membership Benefits

CPR membership benefits vary by organization type – Premier and Affiliate. Contact us for the current CPR membership brochure.

CPR Membership Dues

In addition to the benefits cited above, your membership contribution helps CPR continue to have an outsized impact on the health care marketplace on behalf of employer-purchasers.  The cost of annual dues varies based on your organization type and size.

Conflicts of Interest

At CPR, we hold ourselves to a higher standard.  We avoid conflicts of interest at all costs and are transparent about potential conflicts of interest.  Ways we avoid conflicts include:

  • We limit Premier membership to health care purchasers and benefits consultants, and limit certain member events and discussions to Premier members.
  • We don’t endorse specific vendors or products.
  • We set the agenda of our events before soliciting sponsorships.
  • We don’t charge vendors an entry fee to participate in our product evaluations.
  • We maintain editorial control over our content.

Take the Next Step

Are you ready to collaborate with an independent organization that will fight for purchasers and their plan members, and support their high-value purchasing efforts?  Please reach out!  We’re ready to support you and the others at your organization and welcome you to CPR!