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A thoughtful approach to ongoing employee benefit communications

January 16, 2018

Any benefit communications expert will advise you of the importance of having a year-round benefit communications and marketing strategy, as…

Lisa Yee on employer health care innovations in Silicon Valley

January 15, 2018

Ryan Olmstead, CPR’s director of member services, calls Lisa Yee, executive director of the Silicon Valley Employers Forum, to hear…

Mythbuster: Medical interventions are the only effective treatment for Diabetic populations

January 09, 2018

The prevalence of Type II Diabetes continues to soar in the United States with an estimated 1.5 million new cases…

Listening In (With Permission): Tom Lee on the state of measuring patient experience of care

January 08, 2018

Surprised by health plans’ lack of measuring patient experience of care, Suzanne calls up Tom Lee, Chief Medical Officer at…

MYTHBUSTER: Employers are getting out of the business of buying health insurance

December 19, 2017

As the nation prepared for the rollout of “public exchanges,” many experts opined that employers would stop directly offering health…

Listening In (With Permission): Bob Kocher bets on what 2018 will bring for health care

December 18, 2017

Will we continue to see huge mergers and acquisitions in 2018? What impact will they have on consumers? What should…

Time to tackle substance use disorders head on

December 12, 2017

We know behavioral health care is a major cost driver for employers and other health care purchasers, often displaying double…

Listening In (With Permission): Doug Gray & Beth Bortz on improving health care value in Virginia

December 11, 2017

Andréa Caballero dials up the joint sponsors of the Virginia Scorecard on Payment Reform pilot, Doug Gray, Executive Director of…

Finding strengths in differences, the benefits of partnering with state Medicaid agencies!

December 05, 2017

At CPR, we believe that one purchaser alone cannot move the market, but many purchasers working together toward a common…

Listening In (With Permission): Dr. Corey Waller on challenges identifying and treating addiction

December 04, 2017

CPR’s senior project & research manager, Roz Murray, calls Dr. Corey Waller, Physician and Consultant at Complex Care Consulting LLC,…

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