Catalyst for Payment Reform

Glen Tullman on Wayfinding with AI

On this episode Ryan calls Glen Tullman, CEO of Transcarent, to discuss the untapped power of generative AI in revolutionizing healthcare accessibility and affordability. Glen describes the concept of “wayfinding”,

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You too can be a health care Catalyst.

Like any 501c3 nonprofit (and many organizations for that matter), CPR must remain nimble.  We recently setup the capability to accept tax-deductible contributions to fund our important work.  You can also get involved with CPR. For example, you can become a member, participate in our enterprise subscription program, collaborate with us on research or thought leadership.  Know that regardless of how you contribute, your support is going to a small, but mighty organization tackling health care’s biggest challenges on behalf of employer-purchasers.

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CPR’s REFs Updated with Equity

At CPR, we have a saying: if you don’t have a REF, you can’t trust the scoreboard. That’s why CPR created “Reform Evaluation Frameworks,” or – affectionately – REFs. 

REFs are program evaluation tools that compel plan administrators and point solution vendors to use a standardized methodology and standardized set of performance indicators to measure cost savings, clinical quality and utilization.

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