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Rob Andrews on HTA’s National Advanced Primary Care Network

Rob Andrews on HTA’s National Advanced Primary Care Network

In our latest episode of Listening In (With Permission), Guy calls Rob Andrews, founding CEO of the Health Transformation Alliance (HTA) and former U.S. Congressperson.

Listen in as Rob and Guy discuss the challenges and triumphs in healthcare, and how the HTA is bridging the gap between providers and patients, bringing about a new era of convenience and trust in primary care.Listen to how HTA, through their advanced primary care program, is knitting together a network of primary care doctors across the nation so that their plan members are never more than five miles from one of these providers. With virtual care options as support, this approach will ideally lead to more problems solved at the primary care level without referrals, and when referrals are made those referrals are based upon data, sending the patient to the highest-value doctor.“If I had one wish for American health care, I think it would be that we figure out a way to dramatically increase the salaries of primary care physicians, increase their compensation and reduce their student debt.If you did that, I think we would get more really able people going into that profession and you get better care outcomes for consumers.”Listen In today, and don’t forget to subscribe on your favorite podcast platform. #LIWP

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