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Jo Porter Gives Suzanne the Scoop on All Things APCD

Suzanne and Jo discuss the recent growth in APCDs across the country, renewed federal interest in APCDs, how states are collecting and sharing the information in their APCDs, and data barriers. Suzanne and Jo also discuss the benefits of APCD data for employers and other health care purchasers looking to create high-value benefits and health care programs for members.

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All I Want for Health Care in 2022…

December is a time for reflection: both on the year that passed, and on the year to come.  December is also a time for giving – regardless of one’s faith or lack thereof.  This got us thinking at CPR: if we could give one gift to the American health care system in 2022, what would it be, and what can we at CPR do to make our wish-list a reality in the year to come?

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