Catalyst for Payment Reform

Online Courses on High-Value Health Care Purchasing

As health care costs continue to rise and access to resources remains limited, employers are finding it increasingly difficult to offer employees the same benefits.

CPR’s online courses will teach you how to get higher quality, lower cost health care for your employees tomorrow.

Intro to High-Value Health Care Purchasing

Learn the major trends in health care, the key players who shape the system, how health care purchasing strategies impact employers, options for insurance coverage, and how to use your data to inform a strategy.
100 Level

Strategies for High-Value Health Care Purchasing

Learn about benefit design, payment reform, price and quality transparency, and how you can work best with your partners to get better value.
200 Level

Getting to Insights Faster with Benefits Data

Learn how employers and other health care purchasers look at and use benefits data to take action, and read case studies on how purchasers used data to make a difference for their plan members.
200 Level

A Purchaser’s Guide to Direct and Semi-Direct Contracting

This topic-specific course is designed to help purchasers learn about who is pursuing direct contracting and why, how to select partners and design a program, and phases of implementation. It also features case studies of other purchasers.
300 Level

CPR Seminar: A Series of Master Classes on Pharmacy

Welcome to this CPR Seminar featuring a series of master classes on pharmacy! Featuring 6 video lectures, industry experts delve into the current state of the pharmaceutical market, how purchasers can gain value in such a challenging space, and what the future holds.
300 Level