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2023 Health Plan User Groups: No dog and pony shows allowed

Granted, most HPUG meetings veer more toward “engaged conversation” than “heated debate” but this is how CPR moves the Overton Window.  CPR members don’t just ask health plans for updates on how many dollars they’ve dedicated to their bundled payment program: we push them to respond to tough questions in new territory like data sharing, health equity and their post-COVID payment reform strategies.  We make them all take the same test through our program evaluation tools so they can’t cherry-pick statistics or hide behind shiny marketing materials.  And because CPR members set the agenda for the HPUG meetings, the discussions focus on what matters most to you, purchasers, and what keeps you up at night.  It’s OK if the health plans squirm a little; it’s what helps them grow.

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Three Provisions to Give Your 2022 ASO Agreement Extra Spice

CPR published a collective set of demands that purchasers should include in their ASO agreements. When multiple purchasers ask for the same thing at the same time, it broadcasts a powerful signal to TPAs on purchaser priorities. Among these aspirational yet foundational expectations, the delivery is in the details. Here are three provisions of note in CPR’s latest model contract language.

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