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Feeding two birds with one seed: payment reform, telehealth, & health equity

Will telehealth help save health care from unsustainable cost growth and inequities in outcomes? Or will it do the opposite?
Stakeholders across the health care industry are currently drafting their telehealth roadmaps for the future. Virtual-first health plan products are popping up. Providers are figuring out how much of their patient care will continue to stay virtual post-pandemic and studying best practices to effectively engage diverse patients. At the federal level, Congress introduced the CONNECT for Health Act of 2021, which seeks to codify telehealth provisions made during the public health emergency permanently into Medicare. The time is now for health care purchasers – including states – to demand telehealth programs and policies with two clear goals in mind:
Be financially sustainable for those who use and pay for it
Be implemented so that everyone has a fair and just opportunity to benefit

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