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Is Payment Reform Exiting a 2+Year Shelter-in-Place?

The pandemic stimulated significant uncertainty about the future of payment reform. After all, payment reform is a disruptive strategy, requiring providers to modify practice patterns and payers to negotiate measures of performance by which providers are held accountable for care quality. The early days of the pandemic were a time during which pushing payers and providers on payment reform could have been viewed as being out of touch with the magnitude of the situation. The pandemic created a pause and stimulated leaders to rethink the potential of payment reform. For example, we pondered whether hybrid capitation/fee-for-service would gain momentum as a means for primary care providers to receive guaranteed revenue.  And we continue to ponder it, because frankly, our $4+ trillion health care system doesn’t turn on a dime. CPR has been and remains in the

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KFF 2021 Employee Benefits Survey: Welcome to the Eye of the Hurricane

KFF released results from its 2021 survey on trends in employer health benefits. The topline takeaway: not much has changed. Employers appear committed to maintaining the status quo, with a few key adaptations that speak to the necessities of managing health care benefits during a pandemic. In 2021, employers are in the eye of a hurricane, but what comes next?

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CPR’s Health Plan User Groups: An Antidote to the Dog and Pony Show

Purchasers: how many times have you attended a meeting with your health plan that focused solely on high-level concepts and success stories, but not a meaningful, tactical conversation about the issues of greatest concern to you? CPR’s Health Plan User Groups (HPUGs) are like a client advisory group meeting, but turned upside down: the clients, not the health plans, set the agenda, offering a forum for a substantive and rich two-way dialogue.

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