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CPR’s Health Plan User Groups: An Antidote to the Dog and Pony Show

CPR’s Health Plan User Groups: An Antidote to the Dog and Pony Show

Purchasers: how many times have you attended a meeting with your health plan that focused solely on high-level concepts and success stories, and you didn’t have a chance to engage in meaningful, tactical conversation about the issues of greatest concern to you?  Actually, health plan content experts would also welcome the opportunity to engage health care purchasers in meaningful dialogue – but their typical 5-minute allotment on a client meeting agenda constrains them to high-level talking points.

Catalyst for Payment Reform’s Health Plan User Groups (HPUGs) are like a client advisory group meeting, but turned upside down: the clients, not the health plans, set the agenda.  The HPUGs offer a forum for a substantive and nutrient-rich two-way dialogue on core CPR topics like expanding payment reform, increasing transparency, measuring the impact of benefit and provider network designs along with emerging challenges like understanding the impact of COVID, optimizing strategies to address musculoskeletal conditions or how to address high and rising health care prices.

Creating the Annual HPUG Agenda

Each year, CPR canvasses its membership of health care purchasers through surveys and interviews to ask what’s keeping you up at night?  CPR then identifies dominant themes and translates them into the HPUG agenda of analytic and qualitative discussion topics for health plans to address in the following year.   Each participating health plan meets with CPR members once per quarter, for the first three quarters of the year, and must address a series of data and discussion questions, which CPR provides to the health plans at the end of the previous year.  We make sure to give the health plans plenty of time to prepare.

Introducing the 2022 HPUG Agenda

CPR is delighted to share a preview of the HPUG agenda for 2022.

HPUG meetings are available exclusively to CPR members and their contracted health plans.  Not yet a member?  Hoping you’ll join us for the exciting year ahead – no dog and pony shows allowed.

CPR’s Director of Projects and Research, Julianne McGarry, MPP, wrote this blog post.

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