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KFF 2021 Employee Benefits Survey: Welcome to the Eye of the Hurricane

KFF released results from its 2021 survey on trends in employer health benefits. The topline takeaway: not much has changed. Employers appear committed to maintaining the status quo, with a few key adaptations that speak to the necessities of managing health care benefits during a pandemic. In 2021, employers are in the eye of a hurricane, but what comes next?

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CPR’s Health Plan User Groups: An Antidote to the Dog and Pony Show

Purchasers: how many times have you attended a meeting with your health plan that focused solely on high-level concepts and success stories, but not a meaningful, tactical conversation about the issues of greatest concern to you? CPR’s Health Plan User Groups (HPUGs) are like a client advisory group meeting, but turned upside down: the clients, not the health plans, set the agenda, offering a forum for a substantive and rich two-way dialogue.

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