Julie Selesnick on the Impact of Recent Health Care Data Litigation

October 16, 2023

Part three of our three-part Data Podcast Series.

In this episode of Listening In (With Permission), CPR’s Director of Member Services, Ryan Olmstead engages in a captivating conversation with Julie Selesnick, Senior Counsel at Berger Montague, with two decades of experience in healthcare law. Together, they delve into the complex world of healthcare data transparency, legal challenges, and the evolving policy landscape.

Julie shares her impressive background, having transitioned from a defense attorney to a plaintiff-side attorney specializing in Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) and employee benefits law.

The episode spotlights a pivotal case where two Taft-Hartley clients filed a class-action lawsuit against a healthcare provider, Anthem, over restricted access to claims data. Ryan and Julie discuss the challenges faced by purchasers, including delayed data access, incomplete information, wrongful payments, and misconduct.

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