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Tackling the Healthcare Access Crisis with Ashok Subramanian

Tackling the Healthcare Access Crisis with Ashok Subramanian

Tune into our latest episode of Listening In (With Permission) as Ashok Subramanian, CEO and founder of Centivo, and Ryan Olmstead dive deep into the critical issues of healthcare affordability and access. Discover groundbreaking insights from Centivo’s recent guide, “Breaking Down and Breaking Through the Healthcare Affordability and Access Crisis,” which highlights the alarming statistic that 43% of working Americans earning under $50,000 regularly skip necessary care due to cost. Ashok and Ryan explore the human side of these challenges, emphasizing the urgency for disruptive strategies in healthcare reform. Learn about innovative solutions and practical steps employers can take to improve healthcare access and affordability for their employees. Don’t miss this engaging discussion on how to achieve radical affordability and ensure a healthier future for all. Listen In (With Permission) now to stay informed and inspired!

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