Catalyst for Payment Reform

2017 National Scorecard on Payment Reform 2.0

2017 National Scorecard on Payment Reform 2.0

As health care spending continues to grow for both public and private purchasers, many stakeholders nationwide see payment reform as an important strategy for improving the quality and cost of health care. Stakeholders know that a strong economy is linked to an efficient health care system that delivers value to businesses and residents. To this end, employer and other health care purchasers have pushed the private health care sector to make fundamental changes to payment and expand them over time.

Catalyst for Payment Reform (CPR) conducts Scorecards to track progress on the implementation of payment reform nationally and regionally. In December 2019, CPR published the 2017 National Scorecard using the Scorecard 2.0 methodology.

Download CPR’s 2017 National Scorecard and methodology report to learn about the nation’s progress in the movement toward value-oriented payment.