Cutting out the Middlemen? Employer Strategies to Reduce Health Spending
December 2018, The Health Industry Forum
Accountable Care Organization Strategy
December 2018, Houston Business Coalition on Health
How Purchasers Can Drive Toward Higher-Value Health Care
November 2018, San Francisco Health Service Board
What Employers Want: Strategies to Improve Value in Health Care
October 2018, Group Practice Innovation Network Fall Conference
Change is Coming: How Employers and Other Purchasers Can Strive for Better Value
September 2018, Dallas Forth Worth Business Group on Health
What’s Driving Health Care Cost Growth and What Can We Do
August 2018, California Association of Health Underwriters
How Are Employers Involved in Promoting Value-based Care?
May 2018, Accountable Care Delivery Congress
How Purchasers Can Drive Toward Higher-Value Health Care 
May 2018, NJ Health Care Quality Institute, Board and Leadership Council Conference
Purchaser Efforts in Value-Based Care
April 2018, NAACOS Spring 2018 Conference
A Roadmap for Employers Seeking Higher Value Health Care
January 2018, IFEBP Health Benefits Expo


Moving to High Value Provider Networks: A Call to Action
December 2017, Connecticut Stakeholders on Health Care Value
The Influencers: Accelerating Payment and Delivery Reform 
November 2017, National Alliance of Health Care Coalitions Annual Conference
Hospital Mergers: How Proposed Partnerships in Rhode Island Affect Health Care Affordability 
October 2017, Rhode Island Business Group on Health Annual Meeting
Five Strategies to Improve the Affordability of Care
September 2017, California Health Care Summit: Strategies for Improving the Affordability of Care & Coverage

Why Do Employers Care About the Consolidation of Health Care Providers?
June 2017, The 2017 Summer Meeting for the National Association of Attorneys General
Purchaser Strategies for Higher-Value Health Care
June 2017,  Healthcare Collaborative of Greater Columbus
Purchaser Tools to Build a Higher-Value Healthcare Market
May 2017,  HealthCare 21’s 21st Annual Health & Productivity Forum

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