The use of genetic screening and testing in health care is a burgeoning field.  But while genetic analyses can give employees and their providers insight into key health indicators and therapeutic options, employers covering or considering this benefit are unsure how to navigate and assess the potential benefits and unintended consequences.  Employers need to be equipped with the knowledge necessary to implement                     thoughtful strategies in this area.


In November 2017, we kicked off Collaborative 4: “Navigating the Potential Benefits and Unintended Consequences of Genetic Testing” to educate employers on the risks and opportunities in the field of genetic analysis. 


Thank you to our subject matter expert, Dr. Jeffrey M. Davis, MD, MPH, Senior Health Management Consultant at Willis Towers Watson who has an extensive knowledge in genetics, and to the leading employers who joined this collaborative.

Description of our work

Through a combination of research and market analysis, group consulting, and participant sharing of experiences, challenges, and strategies with each other, CPR and Willis Towers Watson will develop tools for employers to use as they approach genetic testing and screening benefit options. Each month, over the course of 6 months, CPR, Willis Towers Watson, and Collaborative participants meet virtually for 90 minutes to discuss the genetic testing and screening employer benefit landscape, including current and future trends in genetics and personalized medicine, the risks and opportunities of specific genetic technologies, and the relevant privacy and legal considerations, among others.  Participants will also have the opportunity to meet with vendors to review their current capabilities.

Status check

This Collaborative wrapped up in August 2018, but our work continues….

Final deliverable

We’ll develop hands-on tools to help participants navigate the genetic testing and screening landscape.  Tools may include a How-to-Guide or vendor specifications.  Keep checking back as our work develops! 

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