Catalyst for Payment Reform

Key Benefit Programs Collaborative 2

Many employer-purchasers strategize on exactly which benefits to offer to their plan members, then spend money and time implementing a new benefit that does not get the expected uptake from their members.  Or…they implement a new program that does not have sustained high utilization.  CPR heard from purchasers that they want help increasing utilization of these programs that are central to their health care strategy.

In Q1 2020, we launched Collaborative 7: “Increasing Utilization of High-Value Programs” to help employers and other purchasers maximize their benefits offerings.


We have a small group of employers participating in this collaborative, along with Michael Perlmutter, Willis Towers Watson’s Health Imagination Leader, as our subject matter expert.

Description of our Work

This small group is meeting monthly to discuss strategies for increasing utilization of these programs.  During and in between meetings, participants are working through exercises intended to help them understand their population, learning about incentives for encouraging utilization, discussing as a group best practices, and hearing about program successes from others.  CPR will support the participants by developing resources specific to their effort and will publish a separate, general resource for its broader employer-purchaser audience.

Our collaboratives are supported by the Peterson Center on Healthcare as part of an initiative to help employers be more effective purchasers of healthcare.