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Benefit advisors, brokers, health plans, TPAs, and others are essential to achieving higher value health care. 

That’s why CPR provides subscriptions to innovative firms that make our full library of high value purchasing tools and resources available at scale to your team.

A library of tools & resources at your fingertips

CPR’s Enterprise Subscription gives you access to a robust set of plug-and-play resources developed by experts, including:

  • Innovative online courses that include whiteboard videos, podcasts, guided presentations.
  • Library of 30+ tools and templates to implement and evaluate benefit design and payment reform strategies.
  • 45+ webinar recordings featuring experts and employers on hot topics
  • 8+ case studies featuring purchasers willing to share their stories.
  • Live events & trainings with CPR’s staff based on your firm’s specific interests.

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And don’t forget that our content library evolves quarterly! You will have the opportunity to weigh in on future content to ensure relevant resources.

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