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May 20 Eastern

Aggregating Health Care Purchasing Volume: Models for Success

Frustrated with rising health care costs and a lack of viable solutions from health plans, some purchasers have taken matters into their own hands. There is a three decades-long history of purchasers banding together to aggregate their member volume to achieve better health care value in local markets.  Some have succeeded, many failed.  CPR set out to figure out why.

Join us in this Virtual Summit to learn the secret sauce of successful purchaser-led and coalition-led initiatives to re-balance market power.  We’ll discuss the tried and failed and the tried and survived and present blueprints for success that purchasers can use going forward.

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Want to learn more about this strategy? Listen to CPR’s Listening In (With Permission) podcast episode with Cheryl DeMars, President & CEO of The Alliance – a cooperative of 240 self-funded employers pooling their purchasing power to control costs and improve quality.

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