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Behind the Lawsuits Webinar Recording

Behind the Lawsuits Webinar Recording

On May 1 2024, we held an exciting and timely webinar that examined recent litigation regarding ERISA health benefit plans. Several recent lawsuits have alleged that employers breached their fiduciary duty for the administration of self-funded insurance plans. Employers need to be aware of and understand the implications of these lawsuits. 

Most recently, a class action lawsuit filed on April 2nd argues that the Mayo Clinic violated its fiduciary duties to its employees under ERISA. The primary plaintiff, a long-time Mayo Clinic employee, faced difficulties obtaining mental health treatment for theirchild and encountered underpaid claims and opaque pricing. The case focuses on reimbursement for out-of-network services and asserts that the prices paid for out-of-network services are arbitrary and inconsistent, resulting in “unjustly large balance bills” to plan beneficiaries. The lawsuit further asserts that plan beneficiaries did not receive sufficient information to make informed decisions regarding their health care. You can access the full lawsuit here.


Every employer that offers a self-insured health benefits plan should be aware of this litigation. On this important webinar, two legal experts will offer their perspective on the Mayo Clinic case and its implications: 

  • Chris Deacon, JD is the Principal of VerSan Consulting and was formerly the Assistant Director of Pensions and Benefits for the State of New Jersey 
  • Jon Corey, JD is a principal in McKool Smith’s Los Angeles office. Mr. Corey represents plaintiffs in the health care industry including self-funded benefit plans, plan sponsors, and health care providers. 

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