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2018 Colorado Scorecard on Medicaid Payment Reform

2018 Colorado Scorecard on Medicaid Payment Reform

How much and what types of payment reform are happening in Colorado’s Medicaid market? Is payment reform delivering on its promise of improving the quality and affordability of health care? As part of the Scorecard on Payment Reform 2.0 initiative, the Colorado Scorecard on Medicaid Payment Reform brings together aggregate data from the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing (HCPF) along with the state’s performance on leading indicators of payment reform’s impact at a macro-level.

Funded through a joint grant by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Laura and John Arnold Foundation, the Scorecard is based on an independent review of data from HCPF covering 1,329,000 members of Health First (Colorado’s Medicaid Program), which represents 100% of the Medicaid-insured lives in 2016 , the year on which the Scorecard bases its findings.

The Colorado Medicaid Scorecard, released in conjunction with the Center for Improving Value in Health Care as the local sponsor of the effort, sets out to provide baseline information for Colorado health care stakeholders in order to promote strategic action towards a more efficient and value-oriented health care marketplace.

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