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Toolkit: How to Communicate to Employees About High-Value Health Care

Toolkit: How to Communicate to Employees About High-Value Health Care

Purchasers and payers are creating innovative benefit and provider network designs aimed at delivering higher-quality, more affordable care to employees.  Given the amount of effort required to implement these offerings and their potential to enhance the value of health care, purchasers need to learn to communicate with employees strategically so that they understand their implications.

To address this need, CPR worked with three large health care purchasers and Benz Communications to develop the Toolkit: How to Communicate to Employees About High-Value Health Care. 

How to use the tool:

Preview the Toolkit by first reading through the How-To Guide, which outlines the resources available for purchasers to communicate high-value benefit design to employees and how to use them.

This toolkit includes

  • Infographic: This Infographic helps purchasers quickly and easily understand what many employees really care about when it comes to high-value health care.
  • Best Practices Tip Sheet: This resource gives employers best practices when it comes to designing and marketing their offering(s).
  • Personas: This resource features five common employee profiles to allow a purchaser to target their messaging.
  • Key Messages: These Key Messages are aimed at employees and their dependents and cover topics, including cost, quality, benefit design, provider network, and member experience, as well as some general messages.
  • Post-Annual Enrollment Employee Feedback Survey: This survey is designed to be administered after the annual enrollment process is complete. Employers can use findings from this survey to inform their ongoing communications strategies.

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