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Virtual Summit: The Aftermath of COVID-19: Experts Plot the Path Forward for Payment Reform

Virtual Summit: The Aftermath of COVID-19: Experts Plot the Path Forward for Payment Reform

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This event is the third installment of CPR’s COVID-19 Virtual Summit series: The Aftermath of COVID-19: Experts plot the path forward for payment reform.

In May of 2020, CPR launched our first exploration of COVID-19’s impact on the health care ecosystem, focusing on emerging trends in health care costs and spend, with analysis of how purchasers could adapt their procurement strategy.  Our second installment in August brought health care strategists and executives from the delivery system and commercial health insurance to the table to analyze how the health care delivery system has responded to COVID-19, and the downstream implications for patient access, care quality, and health equity.

In this third chapter, CPR brings together voices of private sector executives, health care economists, and leaders at the forefront of the payment reform movement, to forecast the future of alternative payment models in Medicare and the private sector, and the implications for health care purchasers.

CPR recorded this event on February 25, 2021.



Suzanne Delbanco, Catalyst for Payment Reform

Panel #1: What is the road ahead for payment reform in Medicare?

  • How has the payment reform movement evolved and grown since its inception?
  • How has the pandemic impacted Medicare/CMMI’s payment reform roadmap?
  • Does the Biden Administration have an agenda for payment reform?

Experts Panel (moderated by Suzanne Delbanco): 

Panel #2: Can the infrastructure of delivery reforms weather the pandemic?

  • What was the momentum of ACOs and PCMHs before the pandemic?
  • What will happen to the push toward contracts with downside risk?
  • Did alternative payments help sustain providers through the pandemic?

Expert Panel (moderated by Hoangmai Pham): 

Panel #3: Will the private sector forge its own path?

  • Will the private sector look to Medicare’s lead?  Where will it part ways?
  • How did the pandemic change the focus and strategy of commercial health plans and commercial purchasers with respect to alternative payment models?

Expert Panel (moderated by Andrea Caballero): 




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