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How-to-Guide: Quality Measure Selection

How-to-Guide: Quality Measure Selection

Employers and other health care purchasers frequently ask questions about whether the quality measures being used in health care delivery and payment reform programs are the measures that matter most when it comes to achieving higher quality care and better value for the health care dollar and helping consumers make informed decisions.

How to select quality measures & use this tool:

The CPR’s How-to-Guide on Quality Measure Selection defines a set of 30 of the best available measures relevant to purchasers’ interests in evaluating the performance of health care providers and informing consumer decision-making. In addition, the guide illustrates how all or some of the measures can be used for a variety of purposes

Included in this tool:

This How-To-Guide covers the following topics:

  • Background on the Employer-Purchaser Role in Quality Measurement
  • The Employer-Purchaser Priority Measure Set
  • Measure Set Implementation and Feasibility Considerations
  • How to Use the Measure Set
  • Priority Measure Gaps

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