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Toolkit: Evaluating High-Value Data Warehouse & Analytics Solutions

Toolkit: Evaluating High-Value Data Warehouse & Analytics Solutions

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Self-funded employers require new standards in data warehousing and analytics to support next generation health care purchasing. Many data warehouse vendors offer their services to employers and other health care purchasers, vying to serve as data integrators and strategic analytics partners in an era where health care cost growth is unsustainable for purchasers and patients alike. But what should a company look for in a potential data warehouse partner?


The Evaluating High-Value Data Warehouse & Analytics Solutions Toolkit is the premier resource for detailed Request for Information questions and standards for employer-purchasers seeking a data warehouse partner or evaluating their current vendor.


Throughout 2019, Catalyst for Payment Reform convened an advisory committee of six employer-purchasers, interviewed subject matter experts, and received input from CPR’s broader membership to create an evaluation framework designed to capture data and analytics priorities that support high-value health care purchasing.

As outlined in a published commentary for Employee Benefit News, CPR developed standards within four priority areas:

  • Providing purchasers with advanced data management & security
  • Offering a satisfactory user experience
  • Equipping purchasers with actionable reporting & visualization
  • Targeting opportunities with specific analytics

The toolkit brings these areas to life as a downloadable Excel file that can be edited to serve a purchaser’s needs.

How to use this toolkit:

This toolkit is designed for use by employer-purchasers interested in 1) evaluating new data warehouse and analytics partners or 2) assessing the capabilities of current data warehouse and analytics partners.

The toolkit includes evaluation questions, as well as detailed employer specifications, to help the user understand what it is that employers would like to see in each key area moving forward.

Want to see where the marketplace stands relative to these specifications? Check out The State of the Data Warehouse and Analytics Marketplace Report.


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