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How-to-Guide: Evaluating Payment Reform Programs

How-to-Guide: Evaluating Payment Reform Programs

Do you want to know whether the payment reform programs affecting your population lead to higher-quality, more affordable care? If so, rigorous evaluations are critical, whether your organization gets involved or insists that its health plans perform evaluations that provide your organization with what it needs to know.

How to use this tool:

CPR’s How-To-Guide and accompanying Payment Reform Evaluation Framework outline the steps you can take to assess the design of a payment reform program and evaluate whether it is producing higher value, more affordable care.

Included in this tool:

  • How-To-Guide: How to Evaluate Payment Reform Programs (PDF) outlines what payment reform programs are, how a purchaser can make the business case for implementation, why they need to be evaluated, how CPR developed its Evaluation Framework and how a purchaser can use it.
  • CPR’s Payment Reform Evaluation Framework (Excel) is a plug-and-play tool that can be used to guide a purchaser or health plan through the initial assessment of any payment reform program as well as ongoing monitoring.  The tool helps purchasers assess a programs design, feasibility, and impact on cost and quality.

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