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Action Brief: Implementing Accountable Care Organizations

Action Brief: Implementing Accountable Care Organizations

The ACO Action Brief, updated in Summer of 2018, is intended to help employer-purchasers understand the ACO value proposition and think through how to implement this strategy with a health plan, third-party administrator, or through direct-contracting. Learn what an accountable care organization (ACO) looks like, what challenges a purchaser may face in implementing one, and what steps purchasers can take to advance the movement.

Topic covered in this ACO Action Brief include:

  • What is an ACO and what problems do ACOs try to solve?
  • What operational capabilities do ACO need to succeed?
  • How does an ACO work?
  • What’s the difference between ACOs and capitation?
  • What are some examples of ACOs in action?
  • Are there any unintended consequences that purchasers should be aware of?
  • What steps can an employer-purchaser take to stay ahead of the ACO movement?

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