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Market-Shaping Enterprises: Evaluation Summary Scorecards

Market-Shaping Enterprises: Evaluation Summary Scorecards

CPR evaluated seven Market-Shaping Enterprises (MSE) vendors to assess the capabilities of each vendor’s market-shaping strategy.

With insights from CPR’s member organizations, supplemented with the expertise of consultants and other industry professionals, CPR developed a set of attributes and specifications for MSE vendors, codified through a set of request for information (RFI) questions, covering the following topics:

  • General Product Description
  • Prices, Payment, and Delivery Reform
  • Network Design
  • Benefit Design
  • Navigation and Transparency
  • Reporting and Results

CPR then measured responses against the specifications and assigned a rating for each question; the results of this evaluation were shared as:

  • Detailed scorecards – include ratings for all questions in the RFI, only available to CPR Members
  • Summary scorecards – include ratings for a subset of the most salient and differentiating RFI questions

The Summary scorecards are available for purchase to brokers/consultants and employers and other health care purchasers, and free for CPR Members.


STEP #1: Fill out the following interest form:

STEP #2: Once you have received a verification email, please follow the link provided and pay for the scorecards.


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