Virtual Summit: Anchoring to Medicare – Can Reference Pricing Turn the Rising Tide of Health Care Costs?

What is reference-based pricing? In this virtual summit, CPR provides an overview of RBP: how/why it works, how the model evolved, and where it’s going next. Experts discuss the risks, rewards, and regulatory implications of RBP, and a panel of real-world purchasers who have implemented an RBP strategy talk about why they chose reference-based pricing, how it’s impacted their health spending, and lessons learned along the way.

Topics covered include:

  • Various models of reference pricing in use today
  • How a vendor-based RBP model integrates with a self-insured employer
  • The risks of RBP, including balance billing and barriers put up by providers, as well as how vendors and employers work to mitigate these risks.

Recorded April 29, 2021

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