2020 Health Plan Renewal Questionnaire

Jump on the Bandwagon…use CPR’s Health Plan Renewal Questionnaire!

Updated May 18, 2020 to include CPR’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) Reporting & Strategy Questions

Are you poised to renew your contract with your health plan?  There’s a simple way to make sure your health plan hears you loud and clear:  unite your voice with other employers and health care purchasers, and send a clear signal that will break through the noise.

By asking your health plan to answer the twenty critical questions in CPR’s Health Plan Renewal Questionnaire, you become part of a larger movement – a movement towards innovative high-value purchasing.  Learn what your incumbent health plan is doing to:

  • Combat high and rising prices
  • Support payment and delivery reform strategies and benefit and network design strategies, and
  • Increase price and quality transparency, among other topics.

Use this Questionnaire to evaluate the health plan’s near- and long-term strategies to ensure its direction aligns with your organization’s purchasing strategy.

Included in the 2020 Health Plan Renewal Questionnaire is CPR’s 2020 Coronavirus (COVID-19) Reporting and Strategy Questionnaire!  As a purchaser, you’re potentially overwhelmed by the rapidly, even daily updates, of COVID-19.  You may be wondering what impact the pandemic is having on your health care claims cost and utilization and the mid- to long-term impacts the pandemic will have on your health plan and the health care system.  CPR developed this two-page addendum to the Questionnaire as a resource to guide you through these discussions with your health plan.

How to Use the Health Plan Renewal Questionnaire

This Questionnaire is an editable Word document that you can download and include with a fee quote request that you or your advisor send to your existing health plan partner.  Simply download the Questionnaire, add your organization’s name where noted in the questions, then include it as an addendum to the fee quote request.

Included in the Health Plan Renewal Questionnaire

Twenty questions across the following high-value purchasing categories:

  • Prices, payment and delivery reform
  • Benefit and network design
  • Price and quality transparency
  • Special topics
  • Health plan use of CPR’s Aligned Sourcing and Standard Plan ACO Reporting for Customers (SPARC) tool
  • Just added:  Nineteen Coronavirus (COVID-19)-related questions across cost, utilization and quality reporting, as well as questions about health plan’s immediate efforts and perspective on mid- and long-term implications of COVID-19.

2020 Renewal Questionnaire


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