2023 Health Plan Renewal Questionnaire

The top 20 questions purchasers must ask their incumbent health plan to take control of their health care purchasing.

CPR’s Health Plan Renewal Questionnaire demands accountability around the emerging and compelling issues that keep health care purchasers up at night.  New issues of focus in CPR’s 2023 aligned sourcing tools include price inflation, which is at a 40-year high, new transparency guidelines that will soon apply to self-insured purchasers, and heightened attention toward the disparities and inequities that have plagued health care for decades.  With all this and more in mind, CPR updated the 2023 Health Plan Renewal Questionnaire to help purchasers evaluate their health plans.

CPR believes that purchasers who unite their voices send a clear signal and break through the noise. By asking your health plan to answer the critical questions in CPR’s Health Plan Renewal Questionnaire, you also become part of a larger movement – one that shines a light on the macro issues that contribute to health care purchasing’s status quo and illuminates a path forward.

Use this Questionnaire to evaluate the health plan’s near- and long-term strategies to ensure its direction aligns with your organization’s purchasing strategy. It addresses what the incumbent health plan is doing to:

  • Combat high and rising prices
  • Address provider market power and competition
  • Enhance price and quality transparency
  • Reform payment and care delivery
  • Innovate with benefit and network design
  • Improve population health and increase health equity
  • Comprehensively report and collaborate

How to Use the Health Plan Renewal Questionnaire

This Questionnaire is an editable Word document that you can download and include with a fee quote request that you or your advisor send to your existing health plan partner.  Simply download the Questionnaire and include it as an attachment with the fee quote request.

Looking for our Request for Information (RFI) question set?  Access CPR’s Aligned Sourcing & Contracting Toolkit here.


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