How-to-Guide: How Telehealth Fits into a High-Value Purchasing Strategy

As health care becomes more digital and telecommunications are integrated into care delivery, many purchasers are turning to telehealth (also called telemedicine) to solve challenges including inadequate access to care and care delivery issues, particularly in the areas of primary care and behavioral health.  CPR developed this guide to help employers and other purchasers understand the options available and how to integrate telehealth into their existing health benefits strategy to decrease costs and improve health care quality and access for their populations.

How to use this tool:

This guide explores how telehealth can fit into a high-value health care purchasing strategy. It identifies the advantages, limitations, applications, and ways in which telehealth can add value to your strategy.

Included in this tool:   

This How-To-Guide covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to Telehealth
  • Advantages and Limitations
  • Applications of Telehealth
  • Delivery and Pricing Models for Telehealth
  • Generating Savings from Telehealth
  • Telehealth and Payment Reform
  • How Telehealth Fits into a High-Value Purchasing Strategy
  • Analytical Flow Chart on Telehealth

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