Catalyst for Payment Reform

The Great Steeplechase

The Great Steeplechase

For years, Catalyst for Payment Reform (CPR) has been at the forefront of healthcare innovation, closely observing purchasers’ aspirations to implement disruptive purchasing strategies. However, our research reveals a gap between intention and execution. Many purchasers express optimism in forward-looking surveys about implementing strategies two to five years later, but the actual implementation often falls short. Now, we’re unraveling the mystery behind this discrepancy.

In The Great Steeplechase:  Purchaser Hurdles to Regaining Control of Cost and Quality of Care and How to Overcome Them, CPR conducts a comprehensive and systematic investigation into the hurdles purchasers encounter along their journey to disruptive purchasing. From financial constraints to organizational challenges, we dive deep to understand the factors that hinder the realization of disruptive strategies. It’s not just about identifying the obstacles; it’s also about empowering purchasers to overcome them.

Type: White Paper