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Virtual Summit: Data is the New Health Care Currency. Are Purchasers Getting Short-Changed?

Virtual Summit: Data is the New Health Care Currency. Are Purchasers Getting Short-Changed?

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Health care data provide invaluable information to self-insured purchasers, helping them engineer, administer, and refine their benefits purchasing strategy. Unfortunately, purchasers experience challenges in accessing and using the data that they and their business associates require. As a result, purchasers remain stymied in their efforts to actualize obligations as Plan fiduciary.

From 2019, Catalyst for Payment Reform gathered information from a diverse group of stakeholders – employer-purchasers, vendors, consultants, and even health plans – to discuss the purposes and challenges of data stewardship. Pursuant to these findings, CPR developed a toolkit that all purchasers can use to ensure access to the data elements necessary to enhance their health care purchasing strategy.

During this Virtual Summit, you’ll hear from sophisticated purchasers about how they use data to inform their strategy. Then, CPR will team up with benefits consultants to unpack the obstacles purchasers face in data ownership, access, and use, and potential solutions around the obstacles. Finally, you’ll hear policy experts describe the benefits and limitations of the hospital and payer price transparency rules in resolving some data access issues.

Purchasers and others will leave with an understanding of how some of the country’s most sophisticated purchasers use data, the common barriers purchasers experience when accessing and using data, and the impact of  the new transparency rules and the challenges that remain.





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Originally recorded January 27, 2022.

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