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Webinar: How to Evaluate Payment Reform Programs

Webinar: How to Evaluate Payment Reform Programs

As health care payment reform becomes more prevalent, there is a growing need to step back and assess whether these changes to how we pay providers are achieving their intended effects of higher quality, lower cost care. Employers and other health care purchasers should strive to use a consistent and rigorous evaluation approach to assess health care payment and delivery reforms and enable comparisons of their results.

This webinar covers:

  • The need to evaluate payment reform programs (and in a standardized way)
  • The benefits of a standard approach to evaluation
  • How to assess whether health plan payment reform strategies are working for you at the macro and micro level, including an overview of Scorecard 2.0 and a more in-depth look at CPR’s Payment Reform Evaluation Framework (PREF)
  • How evaluations and their outcomes at the macro and micro level can impact your health care payment reform strategy.

Recorded November 14, 2017



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