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Webinar: The Value of Regional Business Coalitions

Webinar: The Value of Regional Business Coalitions

As purchasers strive to achieve value in their health care spending, they can look to regional business coalitions for support. As organizations that represent various purchasers’ interests within a geographic area, these coalitions can offer educational and networking opportunities for purchasers and identify and address regional issues and solutions in the health care marketplace.  This webinar features various coalitions as guest speakers.  Listen to insights from Carolyn Pare from the Minnesota Health Action Group, David Lansky from the Pacific Business Group on Health, and Karen Van Caulil from the Florida Health Care Coalition.

This webinar covers:

  • An overview of regional business coalitions
  • The regional issues coalitions are looking to tackle on behalf of employer members
  • The solutions coalitions are looking to implement in order to address those issues and what members can do in conjunction with them, and with each other, to help drive forward their collective interests
  • How coalitions can help move national levers in order to impact regional markets
  • Feature guest speakers from coalitions across the country
Recorded September 28, 2017



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