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Suzanne Delbanco

Executive Director

Speaker; Leading Expert in Payment Reform, Focusing on Intersection of Higher-Value Health Care and Price Transparency; Nine-time Selectee of Modern Healthcare’s 100 Most Influential People in Healthcare

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About Suzanne

One of the country’s foremost experts and thought leaders on payment reform, Suzanne F. Delbanco is the executive director of Catalyst for Payment Reform, an independent, non-profit corporation working to catalyze employers, public purchasers, and others to implement strategies that produce higher value health care and improve the functioning of the health care marketplace.

Since its inception in 2010, Suzanne has led CPR in its commitment to help employers and other purchasers send a clear signal to the market about the need for higher quality, lower cost health care. Though initially focused on advancing payment reform to achieve this goal, Suzanne’s efforts have expanded to include price and quality transparency, benefit design, provider network design, provider consolidation and market power, among other topics.

Speeches & Podcasts


Price Transparency: Achieving Compliance and Creating Meaningful Member Experiences
May 2020, AHIP Webinar

In Pursuit of the Elusive Health Care Double – with Suzanne Delbanco
May 2020, The ShiftShapers Podcast

Financing, Payment, Data, and Outcomes – Do we get what we pay for?
May 2020, UCLA Lecture

3 Employers, 2 Wonks And 1 Health Insurance Mess
May 2020, Tradeoffs

The Search for Value and Alternative Payment Methodologies
March 2021, University of Michigan Lecture


Using Evolving Health Care Strategies to Cut Health Care Costs in Public Plans
December 2020, IFEBP Public Sector Conference

How Leading Employer-Purchasers are Planning to Procure High-Value Health Care
December 2020, HealthLeaders Finance NOW Conference

A Dose of Value-Based Care with Suzanne Delbanco, Executive Director, Catalyst for Payment Reform
November 2020, Healthy Dose of Dialogue

Preparing for the New Normal: Getting to Lower Costs without Sacrificing Outcomes
August 2020, Midwest Business Group on Health Webinar

Paying for Health: A Community Perspective
June 2020, Cambia Grove Webinar Series

Transformation of the US Health System
May 2020, UCLA Lecture

The Role of Entrepreneurial Non-Profits in Creating a Better Health Care System
May 2020, National Clinician Scholars Program Yale University School of Medicine

Shaping Payment Reform in Health Care with Suzanne Delbanco
April 2020, Health Care Rounds Podcast

A Collaborative Approach to Assessing ACOs in Kansas City
April 2020, MACHC and Catalyst for Payment Reform Webinar

Fulfilling the Promise of Value-Based Care
February 2020, ITUP: Taking Bold Steps in Uncertain Times

Increase Employee Access to High-Value Drugs & Services – V-BID X for Employers
January 2020, Northeast Business Group on Health

Areas of Promise, With Seven Health Care Thought Leaders
January 2020, Relentless Health Value Podcast


The Buy Side of the Market: Employers, Other Purchasers and Payers and Strategies for Market-Based Reform
December 2019, Stanford University School of Medicine

Employer Strategies for Driving Value-Based Care
October 2019, LAN Summit

Catalyst for Payment Reform’s Suzanne Delbanco Discusses State Health Care Innovation
September 2019, The Healthcare Policy Podcast

How Self-insured Employers Can Find Value in the Face of Provider Market Power
October 2019, Self-Insurance Institute of America, Inc.’s National Conference & Expo

Effective Value-Based Payment Strategies
September 2019, The Alliance Annual Meeting

CPR’s Accountable Care Organization Strategy – Focus on Accountability
September 2019, Houston Business Coalition on Health

Vitals for Change
September 2019, MACHC: Employer Directed Healthcare – ACO Summit

A Willingness to Be Bold – Suzanne Delbanco
September 2019, Illuminate HR Podcast

Evidence, Insight and Strategy for Optimizing Health Benefits
July 2019, Harvard Medical School Executive Education Program for IFEBP

California’s Changing Marketplace from the Perspective of Purchasers
July 2019, CalPERS Board of Administration Offsite

Underestimate Employers at Your Peril, With Suzanne Delbanco, PhD, Executive Director of Catalyst for Payment Reform
April 2019, Relentless Health Value Podcast

Moving from Short-Term Cost Cutting and Expense Reduction to Sustaining Solid Margins
March 2019, Modern Healthcare Leadership Symposium

A View from the Private Sector – Direct to Employer Contracting and Value Based Care for Employers
March 2019, Premier Winter 2019 Collaborative Meeting

The impact of consolidation among health care providers and what employers can do
March 2019, Milliman Elite Employer Summit

Effective Value-Oriented Payment Strategies
March 2019, National Hospital Price Transparency Conference

“CPR” for Healthcare
February 2019, The Change Healthcare Podcast

How High Value Health Care Purchasing Can Help Mitigate Health Care Cost Growth
February 2019, NAHU Capitol Conference

Suzanne is a frequent source and contributor to key trade, policy and business publications. To see recent coverage, click here.