Catalyst for Payment Reform

Collaborative 3: Employee Communications

Many employers and other health care purchasers today implement innovative strategies, such as narrow or tiered networks, Centers of Excellence, reference pricing, ACOs, or high-deductible health plans that fall short of expected adoption, savings, or results.  Why?  In many cases, successful implementation relies on effectively communicating these high-value health care initiatives to employees.  Employers have found full
understanding of these plans to be a barrier to adoption, which means they are leaving an opportunity on the table.

In summer of 2017, we kicked off Collaborative 3: “Effectively Communicating High-Value Health Care to Employees” to equip employers with tools to effectively communicate to employees about high-value health care options.


Three innovative purchasers are striving to be better communicators!

The group benefited from the expertise of our dedicated subject matter expert, Lindsay Kohler, Communications Consultant from Benz Communications.

Description of our work

This Collaborative focused on identifying best practices for effectively communicating high-value health care to employees.  Over the course of 12 months, CPR, Benz, and Collaborative participants met monthly to share insights, experiences, challenges, and strategies for employee communications. Using multiple forms of feedback gathered from Collaborative participants and their plan members, as well as expertise from Benz Communications, CPR developed an Employer Communications Toolkit to help employers overcome barriers to plan adoption.

Status check

This Collaborative wrapped up in June 2018, but our work continues….

Final deliverable

CPR, Benz Communications, and our Collaborative participants developed the How to Communicate to Employees About High-Value Health Care toolkit, an engaging toolkit and supporting materials focused on helping employers educate employees about the goals and benefits of high-value health care.