Substance use disorders touch approximately 2 million Americans and about 7 in 10 employers have felt the impact. Employers looking to secure better clinical management of this health care and disability cost driver are exploring access to care issues, as well as evidence-based strategies to treat substance use disorders. As employers and other health care purchasers grapple with substance use disorders they need to be able to develop and roll out immediate and mid-term solutions.


We have kicked off Collaborative 5: “Encouraging Evidence-based Treatments for Substance Use Disorders” to help employers explore provider payment methods and benefit and network designs to encourage evidence-based treatments for substance use disorders. 


We have four great participants for this Collaborative!

We will benefit tremendously from the subject matter expertise of Dr. Corey Waller, Consultant at Health Management Associates for this initiative.

Description of our work

This Collaborative is focused on tackling challenges and developing strategies to address substance use disorders. Over the course of 10-12 months, CPR, Dr. Waller, and Collaborative participants will meet monthly to discuss the substance use disorder landscape and potential strategies for addressing substance abuse, including leveraging relevant data, benefit and network design options, provider payment methods, and ways to partner with pharmacy benefit managers. Participants will design tailored strategies to help their members with substance use disorders.

Final deliverable

We’ll develop hands-on tools to help participants implement high-value strategies to drive their members with substance use disorders to evidence-based treatments.  Keep checking back as our work develops!

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