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How-To Guide: Tackling Substance Use Disorders

How-To Guide: Tackling Substance Use Disorders

Drug overdoses are now the number one cause of accidental death
in the United States, killing more Americans than car crashes or guns.


What exactly is a substance use disorder and how does it impact your workforce?

Catalyst for Payment Reform has created a comprehensive How-To Guide to help employers and health care purchasers tackle substance use disorders, including unhealthy use of tobacco, alcohol, and opioids. Substance use disorders are increasing in magnitude across the United States, and the various consequences of these diseases are likely impacting your organization’s health care costs, workplace safety and productivity.

To create the How-To Guide, Catalyst for Payment Reform worked with leading employers through a year-long Collaborative workgroup to identify and implement best practices in this space. We packaged the learnings into this plug-and-play toolkit designed for employers and other health care stakeholders who are ready to take action in this critical area.

Included in our Guide on tackling substance use disorders:

  • Context on the scope and impact of substance use disorders in the United States and within the workforce;
  • A discussion on the utilization and importance of data in identifying and monitoring substance use disorders, including detailed methodology for evaluating your data;
  • Insight on benefit designs to encourage effective treatment and recovery;
  • Opportunities for enhancing value and access through network design options, including interview guides to help you identify high-value providers and vendor solutions;
  • Examples of provider payment innovations for enhancing treatment options and outcomes.

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