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Evaluating COVID-19’s Impact and 2021 Benefits Strategies Through Health Plan Quote Requests

Curious how to navigate health plan contracting season in light of COVID-19?

Join CPR’s 4-month Purchaser Roundtable

During what is typically the benefits strategy and renewal season for purchasers, coronavirus (COVID-19) has demanded the attention of benefit managers in myriad ways. As a result, purchasers may have decreased bandwidth to consider benefits strategies for 2021.

CPR is here to help! We’ve updated our Aligned Sourcing & Contracting Toolkit to include a COVID-19 Reporting & Strategy Addendum to help purchasers understand immediate impacts and longer-term implications of COVID-19. Now, we are organizing a purchaser roundtable (“Collaborative”) to bring benefit managers together as they put the COVID-19 Reporting & Strategy Addendum to use with their incumbent or prospect health plans. Participants in the Collaborative will work together over the next 4-6 months as they evaluate both COVID-19 impacts and 2021 benefits strategies.

Overview of CPR’s Collaboratives

Description: A Collaborative is a small group of purchasers getting together to tackle a health care purchasing challenge. Collaboratives are typically 6-12 months long during which participants are able to share their experiences and learnings with each other. Participants will also benefit from the input of CPR staff and guest speakers.

Format: CPR will facilitate monthly virtual meetings with the group. While we typically organize an in-person meeting for each Collaborative, we don’t anticipate one will take place for this Collaborative.

Output: Using the just released COVID-19 Reporting & Strategy Addendum and CPR’s Health Plan Renewal Questionnaire, CPR will offer hands-on support to purchasers to administer the questionnaire to their respective health plan(s) and evaluate responses, identifying potential strategies for purchasers to implement.

Eligibility: Collaboratives are open to employers and others who purchase health care services for a group of plan members. For non-purchasers, you may nominate or sponsor a purchaser for the Collaborative.

Participation Fee: Participation is free to CPR member organizations and any non-member purchaser who becomes a member. Otherwise, there is a nominal charge of $3,000 per non-member purchaser.

To participate, please email


Our collaboratives are supported by the Peterson Center on Healthcare as part of an initiative to help employers be more effective purchasers of healthcare