2022 Aligned Sourcing Toolkit Webinar: The more we work together, the more we’ll achieve


This session will orient you to this year's updates - the 2022 Health Plan Request for Information Questionnaire (RFI), the Model Contract Language, and the Renewal Questionnaire reflect learnings from the pandemic such as the need for new payment models that increase accountability while ensuring that PCPs have access to a predictable revenue stream.  New in 2022 is language that commits health plans to address issues of health equity and health disparities that have plagued health care for decades, a focus on strategies to mitigate against record-high inflation, and affirmative pledges of partnership to help self-insured purchasers prepare for new transparency guidelines.

Q3 2022 Health Plan User Groups

Catalyst for Payment Reform’s Health Plan User Groups (HPUGs) offer a forum for a substantive and nutrient-rich two-way dialogue between CPR Members and Coalition Partner Members on a variety of current and high-priority topics. In the Q3 HPUG meetings, plans will share their strategies for improving health equity and reducing disparities in access, treatment and...

Turning the Tables on Big Health Care: Can New Entrants Re-Shape the Market?


In the world of TPAs and other point solution vendors, there are takers and shapers.  Takers accept the health care market dynamics as they are and try to squeeze out a few extra dollars of savings with another round of discount negotiation thumb-wrestling or perhaps a shiny new app.  Shapers, on the other hand, aren’t...

Fostering Teen Mental Health


It's no secret that teens today are under a great deal of stress and experience high levels of anxiety due to the demands of school, their jobs, extracurriculars, social life, and a general uncertainty about their futures. Catalyst for Payment Reform, in collaboration with Headspace Health, is excited to invite you to join our webinar, Fostering...

The Catalyst Debates


Will health care be more affordable in five years? Join CPR as we gather health care luminaries to discuss the most critical challenges we face - affordability, access, equity, adequate competition, transparency, quality and more. As "catalyst" suggests, these debates don't tip toe around the edges of controversy in our health care system, but engage...

Webinar #1: The Case for Multifaceted Public Policy Intervention


NEWSFLASH: HEALTH CARE MARKETS ARE BROKEN Everyone is tired of hearing about how broken our health care system is. We know: prices keep rising, hospitals keep merging, quality falters, disparities widen. And over the next few years, the outlook remains bleak. Experts predict that health care premiums will jump 5.6 percentage points over the previous...

Webinar #2: Policies to Prevent/Punish Bad Behavior and Empower Market Balancers


This webinar, second in a series of four, focuses on policies to prevent would-be monopolists from engaging in anticompetitive behavior, impose penalties on those that continue to do so, and protect and preserve the independent actors that remain. Featuring Aditi P. Sen, Director of Research and Policy at the Health Care Cost Institute and Erin Fuse Brown, the Catherine C. Henson Professor of Law and Director of the Center for Law, Health, and Society at Georgia State University.

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