Virtual Summit: More Than a Moment: Is Bundled Payment Poised for Primetime?

Bundled payment is hardly a new concept – you’ve possibly heard of episodes of care through Medicare’s Bundled Payment for Care Improvement (BPCI) initiative.  Maybe you’ve considered implementing a “bundles” program as part of your organization’s health care strategy.  There is much more to bundling than sticking a price tag on a group of clinically related services.

This virtual summit explores three types of bundled payment administrators in the marketplace, how to scale these relationships, and how purchasers can turn their ideas into action.  These latest incarnations of bundled payment – facilitated by health plans, Centers of Excellence (COE) vendors, or bundled payment conveners – show that this payment reform is more than a flash in the pan.  Bundled payment may have been slow to gain traction, but today, it is poised to become a centerpiece in purchasers’ high-value health care purchasing strategies.

CPR recorded this event on July 29, 2020.








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