Catalyst for Payment Reform

2018 Colorado Leader Perspectives on Payment Reform Impact

2018 Colorado Leader Perspectives on Payment Reform Impact

Which payment methods are gaining the most momentum in Colorado?

How can payment reform most effectively improve the quality of care for Coloradans?

Will payment reform noticeably improve health care affordability by 2021?

These are some of the questions CPR used to survey health care stakeholders, including leaders from integrated health systems, state government, health plans, and health care improvement organizations, among others, in order to better understand Colorado’s health care landscape as it relates to payment reform.  Written to accompany the Colorado Scorecards on Commercial and Medicaid Payment Reform, CPR compiled the Leader Perspectives Report to share key finding from 17 interviews. Key themes include: administrative waste, the need for patient-centered quality measures, and why benefit design plays an important role on the road to affordability.

To preserve the integrity of the insights and the confidentiality of the participants, CPR elected to not identify any individuals or organizations who contributed to the report and instead attribute the themes and insights in this report to stakeholder groups. CPR thanks all participants for their candor, expertise, and time.