2020 Maternity Care Webinar Series

High-Value Maternity Care: Payment and Benefit Design Solutions

What solutions can help employers improve quality (and contain costs) in maternity care?

CPR has made maternity care a priority since the early 2010s. Our Spring 2020 Webinar Series on High-Value Maternity Care, Growing Opportunities for Employers and Purchasers, demonstrates our commitment to double down in this critical area in the new decade. The series brings together leading experts discussing today’s challenges as well as new opportunities to nurture value in maternity care.

This webinar features Dr. Malini Nijagal, MD, MPH, of University of California San Francisco, and Sara Rothstein, MSc, Director of the 32BJ Health Fund. They discuss how payment reform and benefit design can help employers move the needle in maternity care. 

Maternity Payment Benefit Design Solutions

Recorded March 31, 2020

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